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The 1st post

Hình ảnh
Hi everyone :D

Its my 1st entry on my new blogspot. Cam Anh is the only person who has contact with me on this web, so she may be the only one who will read this post, haha. Hello Cẩm, how r u hehe?

Its amazing when I have got something new to start. I didnt know what to write here until an idea comes into my mind that maybe I can use this blog to be my beauty blog, I mean it will be the place where I share with u guys all abt the skincare, make up products and fashion - which I think I am interested in best. And although my English is really not good, I decide to use English to write all posts cause sometime when I wanted to read review on some products, I couldnt just because they were written in japanese or chinese or bla bla. So plz forgive me if u find any mistake in my English :D

I am trying to make som reviewes on BB cream and the skincare product as soon as I can. So hope u guys a nice day :D