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I come back, girls :D

Hình ảnh
It has been 3-4 months since the last post. OK, maybe I always start all posts by writing this =)) "I am too busy" or "I have to study hard for mid test" bla bla =)) Too boring reasons. The fact simply is I am just too lazy to post anything. My bad. Promise to myself not to be like this anymore, aja aja fignting.

Anyway, this post will be a little bit different. It isn't about make up or skincare things, it 's gonna be a fashion post. Recently I was invited to lookbook by my sister. Yep, I have a lookbook now, so excited because I know its not easy to get an account on lookbook. If anyone want to get one like me, just let a comment and I will invite you too for sure ^^

So these are 2 first outfits for my lookbook. You can check it at : http://lookbook.nu/user/146509-Miu-T

BF jeans Levis - MNG shoulder handbag - Handmade leather flat form
I love this outfit deeply. Look fresh, suitable for school time in summer^^

Wear a camera as a shoulder bag. Love the sandals …

The outfits for summer time

Hình ảnh
Some are old and some are new. I think they are suitable for the summer time because they are all simple but easy to mix. I make this post and hope to share with u guys abt some ways to wear simple and nice in the summer. Hope u get some ideas from this :D

The 1st outfit is in my trip to Vien Chan, Lao last week. I like the way blue and white get married :D

My nicest skirt, I really like it.

haha, this is the way shorts go

The top is designed by me. I love it best in my all clothes, but I lost it 2 months ago. hix