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FOTD - Foundation routine dành cho da khô

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Lâu lắm giờ mình mới lại làm video :D Từ nay sẽ chăm làm video update hơn. Đáng lẽ video này là tutor hướng dẫn cách sử dụng bộ cọ 2 đầu EOB nhưng đang quay giữa chừng thì máy ảnh hỏng nên mình edit thành foundation routine dành cho da khô luôn :))

Nhân tiện, đây là eye make-up của ngày hôm nay. Màu xanh ánh vàng blend với màu nâu đồng :X bộ đôi màu này kết hợp lên nhìn hay phết nhờ :D

Còn đây là video foundation routine :

Hôm nay là thứ 2, mình chúc mọi người 1 tuần mới vui vẻ và gặp nhiều may mắn nhé ^^

OOTD & FOTD : Winter red lip shoot

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I have just had a wonderful shooting day with my friends. Duong boi is a very talented photographer, she also was kind to spend time retouching all these photos for me. Here we go, results of such a freaking cold but happy day:

Outfit of the day ( OOTD)

I looked really messy at that day with black legging, blue jean short ( bought in a second hand market), black oversize cardigan (I am just into every kind of big size Car recently) plus tons of scarves ( actually just 2 :)), the black one is a real scarf but guess what, the colorful one is actually a vintage sweater. Yep, a sweater wearing as a scarf :X. Should I mention that Dr Martens-Look- like shoes? I borrowed it from Boi to complete this chick and messy outfit:))

And here is my FOTD - or I should say "Face of that day" ? :))

Red lip red lip, I love you :X Neutral brown eyes with thick eyeliner just suit the red lip amazingly.
One close photo to my face :

List of products used :
Face : It must be Missha M signature real comp…

FOTD - Its extremely cold out there

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The weather recently has made me sick so badly. Its extremely cold and cold and colddddddddd. I know, maybe 6 to 8 degree is not a big deal with u guys coming from Western countries. But for people from tropical ones, its too much for us to handle :(. I almost cant go out, staying at home and doing nothing but sleeping bores me til death. Ok, I have to do something to save my life, save my soul :))) Guess what, nothing is better than the magic of make-up, well, at least in my case :)).

Here is the look I created today:

Face :
- Merlot day moisturizer as a hydrating base
- Shu Uemura Face Architect illuminating moisture fluid foundation in 774
- No powder at all :)) I hate powder and the matte finish in winter time. Yay glow finish :X

Cheek :
- Just a bit contouring with Elf bronzer under my cheek bone.

Eye :

All made by my cheep palette bought from store online. Shimmering gold eyeshadow all over the eyelids, a little bit matte brown at the outer V and a nice sheen white powder to highlight u…

FOTD - Bf's Birthday look

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I don't have any idea to name this look, brown eyed or smokey brown, whatever... I made this for boyfriend 's birthday which was 5 days ago, so let's simply call it " Bf's birthday look". I don't think that my dear ever notices whatever I have on my face (actually he has no idea about "make up things"), but its still so fun to a little bit fake your face and be prettier in such a day like that :)) :X Anw, here is the look :

(click in the pictures to see the larger size)

Things I used ...
Face :
- Dior hydra life Pro - Youth skin tint in #1 (as a moisturizer and base)
- Chanel vitalumiere satin smoothing fluid makeup (as foundation)
- MAC studio finish concealer in NC20 ( for spots )
- Maybeline mineral powder natural perfecting concealer ( for under eye dark circles)

Cheek :
- Elf contouring blush & bronzer powder ( just use the bronzer side to sculpt my…


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Haloween qua được mấy ngày rồi mà giờ mình mới up cái post này. Ngại quá đi. Thật ra là look này làm từ đầu tháng 10 nhưng quá lười nên giờ mới up. Làm sao để chữa đc bệnh lười nhỉ :(

À, thêm 1 điều đau khổ ngoài việc mình bị bệnh lười kinh niên hết thuốc chữa, thì thỏi femme yêu bị gãy rồi :( Mình depoit vào trong cái jar hồng rồi thêm cả vaseline cho nó dưỡng, dùng thì vẫn dùng được nhưng mà nhìn jar hơi quê đang hơi chán. Giá kiếm đc cái jar nào xinh xinh hình hoa hồng thì hay nhỉ.

Up cái ảnh tưởng niệm em yêu femme. Nhìn màu femme cam cam yêu nhờ , tiếc quá đi :( Cái này chụp hồi cuối tháng 9 trời còn nắng mà mũi đã nứt toác, mấy hôm nay trời lạnh mũi mình nẻ nhìn nham nhở kinh ko chịu đc :(

Phần eye makeup của cái ảnh trên nhìn ngoài rõ phết nhưng mình chụp ảnh mãi ko lên. Cái này là day-version, mình chỉ tán đều màu nâu với chút màu đen chứ ko kẻ liner. Nhìn neutral nhỉ :D Dạo này đi học hay đi chơi toàn quên kẻ liner, hơi chán kẻ với cả thấy cứ nặng mắt dã man :-s

Cũng với phấn mắt…


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Another FOTD ( face of the day) for my moss-grow blog. Sorry, sorry, sorry....... for updating nothing at all, grr hate to say sorry 'cos I know I 'll keep making it again =))))))))))))). Anyway, this FOTD post will be a little bit different. Its not my face of the day, its about my models'. One of them is my new beloved friend SU KET, just known her for a while but I swear, Ket 's the most lovely and sweetest gurl ever. And you know what, she 's luckily one of rare Asian girls who have amazing eye shapes. You definitely just wish to be her make up artist since you can create every kind of looks and styles from her face. She fits everything quite amazingly.

Make up look for Duong Boi project ( I don't know exactly what project was, kind of her homework since Duong studies to be a designer). The look was inspired by 80s pin up girls with a red-peachy lip made by mixing lip gloss with some eyeshadows. Then I made it a little bit modern with shimmery…

Random things

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Its quite late now, so just a quick random post for u guys who dont know the meaning of FOTD, EOTD, LOTD. A long time ago when I first became a blogger, I read other beauty blogs and didnt understand what FOTD or EOTD means. Maybe they are already familiar to you, right? So shame on me, I just knew recently. If u are new on beauty blogspot, just like me, hope you find this post useful.
FOTD : face of the day
EOTD : eyes of the day
LOTD : lip of the day

By the way, I have just got MAC fluidline in blacktrack. It's so creamy and intense. Love the eyeliner. Here are the look I created today with my new gel eyeliner :D

I found it much easier to control than liquid eyeliner.

Really like this stuff, I also got Bobby brown long wear gel eyeliner sepia ink, will try to make reviews on them soon :D

Dramatic black eye

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I am so lazy. I didnt post any thing on my blog and just use it to search information and review from other beauty blog. So shame on me.

This is my face today :

What I use :

Face : Rimmel fix and perfect primer in 001
Revlon color stay foundation in Ivory
EM powder in sunlight
Elf contouring blush and bronzing powder
Eye: Black eye pencil and black eye shadow from Lancome
Lip : Carmex lipbalm
NYX round lipstick narcissus

By the way, I got the new lipstick from NYX in Narcissus. OMG, so pretty color, I am totally in love with this lipstick. Barbie pink, look so cute. U should give it a try. Here is the swatch :

And this is my eye make up to day :X

Hope u guys enjoy this look. Happy thanksgiving day :D

smokey brown eyes

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This 's my look today with the brown smokey eyes make up.

The color was really light but I like it. I like the simple and easy way to make my eyes bigger.

Hope u guys like this look :D